Red Stone 2

Adventurers of Prominence

Red Stone 2 is a Free-to-Play medieval-era Action RPG set in the World of Prandel with an immersive storyline fully voiced in Japanese.



Red Stone 2 will launch on 12 July 2018 on the iOS AppStore and the Google PlayStore.
On 12 July 2018, Red Stone 2 will be available fully localized in English and Indonesian with Japanese Voice Overs. Additional languages and English voice overs are planned for release shortly after game launch!
On Android - 2GB or more RAM, 720p or larger display, Android v4.1 or above Operating System. On iOS, iOS 9.0 or above, and iPhone 5 and above.
Pre-Registration prizes will be given out to all players when you create a new account during the first month of launch (rewards will be given out until 31 July). Rewards will remain in your Mail Box for up to 7 days before expiring. For example, if you create a new account on 31 July, you have up to 2 August to collect the rewards from your Mailbox).
Yes, Pre-Registration Prizes stack! For example if we reach Tier 2 (5k Registrations) before launch, all players will get the Tier 1 (100 Carrots) and Tier 2 (10x N~SR Gear Gacha) when we launch! Similarly, if we reach Tier 3 (10k Registrations), all players will get Tier 1 (100 Carrots), Tier 2 (10x N~SR Gear Gacha) and Tier 3 (10x N~SR Companion Gacha) when we launch!
The Pre-Registrations counter will close on the day of launch (12 July 2018). We will take the count at the end of the day and distribute prizes according to the Tiers. Players can still register for the Red Stone 2 Newsletter to get the latest guides and news on game updates!


Hunt for the Red Stone

Adventure in Prandel

Strategically assemble your Warband, paying extra care to make sure that your Party has a balanced mix of Specializations - Dealer, Tanker, Healer! Then plunge straight into Battle, Tap to Position your Forces, Cast Powerful Skills & Activate Transformation Abilities!

Advance across Prandel in an immersive Single Player Storyline, trekking through the lush forests of the Def Hills, to the icy wastes of Windgar, right to the entrance of the Hodoff Underworld, where the Red Devils lurk!

Lead a Powerful Party

Craft & Upgrade Gear

  • ADVANCE through 10 Campaign Chapters!
  • PICK from 4 distinct Adventurer Classes!
  • COLLECT over 90 exotic Companions & Pets!
  • CRAFT Legendary Gear & Equip to your Party!
  • DISPATCH Companions on Expeditions for Rare Loot!
  • CREATE a legendary Guild! Build & Furnish your Guild Hall!
  • PARTICIPATE in exciting Real-Time Party Raids & Clan Wars!

Play Red Stone 2 on the iOS AppStore & GooglePlay!